How I Made Partner: ‘Think Proactively,’ Advises Desmarais’ Ameet Modi

What’s the key to successful business development in your opinion? I try to always keep in mind that we are in the business of helping people. To do that, you have to demonstrate that you are the kind of person (or firm) that someone wants to work with—that you share the same values and goals—and that you will take the time to understand and be responsive to your clients’ needs. I think it is similar, in many ways, to what is important in establishing and maintaining successful personal connections and relationships.

What’s been the biggest change, day-to-day, in your routine since becoming partner? I’m thinking much more about the long term, both in terms of the success of our clients and the success of the firm. For each of our clients’ cases, I try to start every day thinking proactively about the ultimate strategy for a favorable resolution—and then making sure that everything the team is doing moves the ball forward in that regard. As a partner, I also actively participate in the management of the firm, including through my work on the firm’s recruiting and diversity committees. Every day, I am working to make sure that we continue to have the best and brightest people from all backgrounds as part of our team.

Why did you decide to practice at an elite boutique firm? I joined the firm in 2010 one month after it opened its doors. It was a unique opportunity to be a part of building an entirely new firm culture, while still working directly with the most talented litigators and on the most significant cases in the intellectual property field. I’m thrilled that, now 10 years later, everything has exceeded my expectations. I’m really proud of the wins that we have secured along the way, and—more importantly—the privilege of getting to work with the truly wonderful staff and attorneys that make Desmarais what it is today.

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